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SADHU BAMBOO nails board super lightweight!

SADHU BAMBOO nails board super lightweight!

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The Sadhu Board with Bamboo Nails is the perfect companion for your travels.

The bamboo nailing Sadhu board weighs only 650g and fits easily into your carry-on luggage. You can even take it on the plane. The bamboo nails are handmade.

SADHU yoga boards are perfectly suited for every level of yoga.

In our offer you will find boards with 8,5 mm nail spacing, in finishes - wood

Fits feet as small as size 44.
Set includes 2 pieces.
Length 33 cm.
Width 15 cm.
Depth 2.7 cm.
Bamboo nails.

Sadhu Board is the practice of knowing yourself better.

The nail board (Sadhu Yoga) emerged many centuries ago in India as a practice of sadhu ascetics to test determination and strength of spirit.

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Customer Reviews

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Wow, it’s A+++++

It is impossible to get comfortable on the nails, at first it is very intense, very painful sensations. Gradually, if you do not give in to the first impulse (you will not escape from yourself anyway), the sensations are transformed by the skills of your consciousness...