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Nail board, Sadhu board for yoga.

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SADHU NORDNEX board the power of mountains (yoga, meditation) board with nails

Yoga boards for beginners.

With square markings for a perfect fit for most practitioners.

There are over 40,000 nerve endings on the feet. 1 minute on the boards - meals for the day.

The Sadhu NORDNEX plank is a mindfulness trainer!

A trainer for your morning rituals.

The Standing Sadhu Nail Board is a powerful multi-functional practice. It relieves pressure and fatigue, exercises willpower, and positively impacts mood and well-being. We make boards for beginners and practitioners.

It is a powerful tool that can help overcome fears and ease weaknesses through foot massage. It can help you relax, restore sleep, saturate your creativity and energize you.

The NORDNEX Sadhu Yoga DESK is your ticket to self-discovery.

Color shade may vary slightly from the picture shown.

Distance between nails 10-12mm.

Fits foot size 46.

Set includes 2 pieces.

Length 33 cm.

Width 15 cm.

Weight ~ 1.3 kg.

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