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SADHU board super lightweight! with galvanized nails

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Super lightweight!

Weight approx. 1 kg.

SADHU yoga boards are perfectly suited for every level of yoga.

In our offer you will find boards with 10 mm nail spacing, in three finishes - wood, cork wood and plastic;

Fits feet as small as size 44.

Set includes 2 pieces.

Length 33 cm.

Width 15 cm.

Depth 2.7 cm.

Galvanized nails.

*Shade of color may vary slightly from that shown in the picture.

Sadhu Board is the practice of knowing yourself better.

The nail board (Sadhu Yoga) emerged many centuries ago in India as a practice of sadhu ascetics to test determination and strength of spirit.

Benefits of practicing Sadhu Yoga:

Strengthens the body and immune system;
Helps you gain control of your mind and learn to work with your fears;
Helps you connect with your body and find answers within yourself;
Nails relieve nervous tension and fatigue;

- pregnancy and the first two days of menstrual cycle

- epilepsy

- alcohol and drug intoxication

- heart attack

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