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Masala Tea 50g

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Based on excellent Ceylon black tea with the addition of cinnamon bark, cardamom, candied ginger, cloves and red pepper with a wonderful spicy aroma.

Composition of premium black leaf tea that gets its invigorating and refreshing power from the addition of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger and red pepper. Great for any time of day, though definitely recommended before noon. When brewed well, it is stimulating, but in a subtle and pleasant way.

Medicinal properties:

Formulated with black leaf tea, it is stimulating, improves concentration and relieves fatigue. It is very beneficial in regulating the digestive system by promoting the secretion of digestive juices. It enhances the excretion of toxins, and its antioxidant content reduces the formation of cancer cells.

Brewing Method

As always, good tea brewing depends on the taste and individual needs of the tea drinker. It is suggested that the optimal time for natural black tea is about 2 minutes and the temperature is 96-98 C.

For brewing, we recommend using a teapot.

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