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Exercise mat S 6,5mm

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Exercise mat S 6,5mm

Our passionate team developed this stretch mat (for exercising without shoes). This stretch mat provides a basic level of comfort and grip. Perform stretching exercises and enjoy softness with this 6.5mm thick mat. 140 x 50 cm x 6.5 mm.

MATA DO ĆWICZEŃ S 6,5mm Domyos

During a stretch class, the mat needs to fit snugly and be comfortable. Lay it with the ribbed side facing the floor and exercise on the smooth side. Exercise in socks or bare feet. Clean the mat with a damp cloth.

MATA DO ĆWICZEŃ S 6,5mm Domyos EAN 3583782849625
MATA DO ĆWICZEŃ S 6,5mm Domyos Kod producenta 1221245

Fold the mat to double the thickness and increase comfort in the kneeling position.

Length 140 cm x width 50 cm x thickness 6.5 mm.

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