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Palo Santo sacred tree

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Palo Santo (Palo Santo) is a piece of wood from a sacred, magical tree from South America, also known as ibiocai.  It contains natural essential oils that have beneficial effects on the human body and its energy. Palo Santo resins have antibacterial and immune-stimulating properties. When burned, it gives a warm, slightly smoky, sweet aroma of pine, mint and lemon.

Use for emotional and spiritual support as they act as natural remedies for anxiety. The sweet, soft scent is soothing and calming, warding off stress and blocking out fears. Palo Santo purifies and fills the space, and the aura of the person with positive vibrations. The smoke of this sacred tree inspires your creativity, clears negative energy and attracts love and good luck. Walk around with lighted wands in your new home after moving in, after a quarrel with your family, or, conversely, when you are doing something pleasant like preparing for a holiday. You can also clean crystals or jewelry with natural stones from the accumulation of energy: it is enough to spend a few circles of the smoking chip or put your amulets near a smoldering bar.

You can also use it for medicinal purposes and inhalations. It has antimicrobial, against colds, immunostimulating and antiseptic properties. Also, the fragrant smoke of Palo Santo is effective in repelling insects.

How to use Palo Santo: 

First light one end of the stick, let it burn for about 20-40 seconds, and then blow it out. Blow out the smoldering fire from time to time. But the Palo Santo may need to be re-ignited several times. Be sure to follow fire safety precautions. You can extinguish the wand on pre-prepared sand. 

One stick is designed for multiple uses, the number of times and burning time depends on its thickness and size. The length of the stick is 9.5-11.5 cm.

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